Gamer bed will help Japanese people survive coronavirus epidemic

Japan, following South Korea, has every chance of becoming another densely populated country, where it will be necessary to urgently solve the problem of organizing quarantine in large cities. The Chinese authorities coped largely thanks to advanced communication and transport systems that allow people locked in their apartments to regularly receive food and (in this situation, this is important) affordable digital entertainment. The Japanese and Koreans, as a nation of gamers, in such a situation can be saved by the massive passion for eSports.

Forecasting such a development of events, the Japanese company Bauhutte promptly launched a "gamer's bed" on the market. In fact, this is just a comfortable bed with extension modules, but this is the advantage - similar designs can be made for budgetary funds for millions of gamers. That will allow them to wait out the epidemic with considerable comfort.

The only drawback of the bed is that there is no refrigerator in it, only a large compartment for soda and snacks. On the bed, you can fully sleep, sit and play or work at a stationary PC using a sliding table. There is a retractable manipulator stand for attaching the tablet to use it in any position.

It is unlikely that professional gamers will be interested in the offer, if only because there are no really advanced solutions in the list of options, like a dedicated keyboard for the Razer Turret or Corsair Lapdog sofa. There is no vibration chair, no ergonomic backrest, not even a pair of Puma gaming socks. But there is a ninja-style pajamas - the Japanese company Bauhutte honors the traditions of their ancestors.