Scientists warn: the era of antibiotics is coming to an end

Alarming news came from China, where bacteria were identified against which the latest generation antibiotic, colistin, was powerless. Chinese experts have suggested that these bacteria, as they spread throughout the world, can provoke incurable infections that can throw humanity back into the Middle Ages.

Chinese scientists have identified the mutated MCR-1 gene, which makes bacteria invulnerable to colistin. The journal Lancet Infectious Diseases published the results of studies according to which antibiotic resistance was noted in one in five of the experimental animals, in 15% of raw meat samples and in 16 patients. In particular, E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and the causative agent of pneumonia Klebsiella were among the strains that showed resistance.

There is already information that bacteria with the MCR-1 gene have been recorded in Laos and Malaysia. Professor Timothy Walsh of Cardiff University frankly admitted:

“If MCR-1 spreads around the world, it will almost certainly join other antibiotic-resistant genes, after which we can safely speak of the end of the antibiotic era. Then we will not be able to help even a patient with E. coli. "

The situation is aggravated by the fact that the rate of transmission of the insidious gene is very high. According to Professor Laura Piddock, doctors should look for alternative options for fighting infections as soon as possible, in particular, using combinations of antibiotics and creating new generation drugs. There is not much time left.