Nanobot implants will connect the human brain to the Internet and give us superintelligence

American Ray Kurzweil, a computer scientist, futurist and inventor, claims that in the near future, humans will be able to connect their brain to the Internet using nanobots.

Speaking at a university event in Moffett Field, he stated that human intelligence, combined with artificial intelligence and gaining access to a huge amount of information, will endow a person with superintelligence and make him like God.

“We're going to expand the neocortex (the main part of the cerebral cortex), create additional levels of abstraction and deeper opportunities for self-expression. A person will become more cheerful, sexy, he will be able to express his love more vividly ”.

In other words, Ray Kurzweil proposes the concept of implanting a nanomachine into the human body. The Star Trek series showed how tiny molecular robots called nanites were used to repair damaged cells in the body. According to the scientist, such nanorobots could be created from DNA and introduced into the brain.

However, far from idle questions immediately arise. What to do if a computer virus penetrates into a computerized human brain or undergoes a hacker attack, because experience shows that these misfortunes keep pace with scientific and technological progress.