Microsoft will introduce a competitor to Google Cardboard

Since the introduction of Google Cardboard in 2014, this cardboard helmet with an insertable smartphone and a pair of lenses has become an affordable way to touch virtual reality to anyone. It seems that following Google, Microsoft is also entering the game, whose set for creating a helmet can already be seen in a promo picture for the event, which will be held on October 17 in Moscow.

The virtual reality kit from Micrsoft is called the VR Kit. The assembled helmet will work in conjunction with the Lumia smartphone, which will need to be inserted into the corresponding slot. The set provides a "window" for the smartphone camera, which means that it is planned to support not only virtual, but also augmented reality.

One of the parts of Microsoft's presentation, scheduled for October 17, will be held in the form of a competition among programmers specializing in the development of virtual reality. Winners will receive the first VR Kits to continue developing their software.