Made in Russia: eternal quartz mini-disc for storing information

Woland's well-known expression from The Master and Margarita: "Manuscripts do not burn", alas, does not correspond to reality. Fires, floods, dampness and just time are ruthless not only to books, films, sound recordings, but also to more modern media and storage devices - CD-disks and their younger "brothers" flash cards.

As it turned out, their age is limited to only a few tens of years, and the mechanical strength of these "children" of modern technologies leaves much to be desired.

However, soon in the Russian archives there will be fundamentally new carriers of information, about which we can safely say: time has no power over them. Scientists from the Russian University of Chemical Technology have developed compact quartz disks with a capacity of about 1 TB.

The protection and safety of such a huge amount of information is reliably guaranteed by the recording technology - in layers, using a special laser, inside the medium itself. Quartz disks are not afraid of fires and even powerful electromagnetic radiation. But most importantly, the employees of archives will not have to rewrite information from them for at least a hundred years.