Camera Restricta "encourages" you to take only original pictures

Today, every smartphone or tablet user (not counting the owners of digital cameras) is a photographer by default. The Internet is literally "bursting" with billions of pictures, among which there are many frank repetitions. But what can you do if, for example, there is only one Eiffel Tower, and there are millions of people who want to capture it.

German designer Philip Schmitt made a timid attempt to encourage amateur photographers to get away from boring repetitions by creating an original device called Camera Restricta.

It looks like a completely ordinary camera, which has retained some of the characteristic features inherent in its now distant "ancestors" from the last century. From our digital age, Camera Restricta has a 3D printed plastic case, a built-in smartphone, a speaker and a GPS sensor whose existence is reminiscent of a protruding antenna.

This accessory, so unusual for a digital camera, is the main feature of the gadget. With its help, the position of the camera user is determined. Thanks to a special application, the smartphone finds on the Internet all photos of a given object taken within 18 meters. It should be noted that we are talking only about EXIF ​​images containing geodata.

Before the picture is taken, the camera makes a request to the Internet. The speaker will inform the user about the number of "photoclones" with sounds, somewhat reminiscent of a working Geiger counter. If “limit” is selected, the shutter will not release. This means that the user will have to change the shooting location.