BAE Systems has developed a helmet for pilots with a night vision camera

Very soon, fighter pilots in the US Air Force will be able to forget about night vision goggles forever. As their long-term operation has shown, they are quite heavy and during the flight create discomfort for the head and neck, and also limit the actions of the pilot in the cockpit.

Bulky night vision goggles will be replaced by the improved Striker II helmet developed by BAE Systems. The helmet is equipped with a high definition night vision camera that transmits the image to the visor. The product is being tested on the Typhoon fighter. If successful, the company will create a whole line of night vision goggles fully integrated into the helmet.

In addition, the Striker II features an advanced tracking system that synchronizes the pilot's head position with the on-board computer. It eliminates any delay in determining the point in space where the pilot is looking, which allows information to be placed at a specific location in the visor.