Fiery Printer: Burnt Out For Ages

It looks like the days of paint cans and bright graffiti on the walls may fade into oblivion. In order to spoil the walls, a much more technological tool has appeared. And it is called FireWriter.

FireWriter created by Lucien Langton of University of Art and Design Lausanne. The device uses an Arduino Uno controller integrated into an inkjet printer, a Dremel gas soldering iron and an optical sensor. The result is a device capable of burning out an image of black pixels line by line. The FireWriter must be positioned against the surface and, using the calibrated wheels, translate it from line to line.

FireWriter can print on wood, walls, plastic and thick fabric. The temperature of its gas jet reaches 1200 degrees Celsius. The inventor of the device says the FireWriter is a mixture of modern advancements and “the first human technology: fire. Its principle of operation is to use a balance between the application of the image and its destruction. " There is nothing to object to destruction.