About a third of pirate movie sites distribute malware

Cybersecurity experts at RiskIQ estimate that one in three of the 800 pirated movie sites they inspect, in addition to films, distribute malware, including those involved in stealing personal data, financial information and allowing attackers to control a computer.

In almost half of the cases, malware got into the computer with “downloads-on-the-go”, that is, at the time of visiting the site even before the movie was downloaded.

Having broken into someone else's computer, hackers start their usual business - stealing bank and credit cards, personal information, which is then sold on the black market, or blocking a computer and then demanding a ransom.

"Users, be careful!" - warns RiskIQ CEO Ilias Manousos:

“Our report shows a high probability of malware being delivered through“ infected ”advertisements on torrent sites. One has only to go to them, as you get the malware, and all your confidential information is at the disposal of hackers.

Even more alarming is the “ecosystem” that has developed around this. While some torrent sites openly distribute malware, most of their counterparts provide the ability to host infected advertisements for a fee. "