The construction of the fastest supercomputer on the planet has been announced

Seismology, meteorology and nuclear power will remain on the sidelines - the future computing complex will not be used to solve the usual tasks. Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is investing at least $ 173 million to build the world's most powerful artificial intelligence hardware base.

The architecture of the future supercomputer, the choice of components, service systems - all this at this stage is the subject of discussions, research and tenders. The only requirement clearly indicated by the customer: performance at the level of 130 petaflops and above, the equivalent of 130 quadrillion operations per second. That is, 10 times more than Fujitsu's Oakforest-PACS of the current Japanese supercomputer.

The current world record holder, the Chinese monster Sunway TaihuLight, is hitting a ceiling of 93 petaflops. The Japanese are hoping for a triple victory: getting the most powerful supercomputer in the world, wiping their nose over the Chinese, and completing the work before the end of next year, leaving no chance for competitors to prepare a retaliatory move. The project will be overseen by the National Institute of Advanced Industry and Technology of Japan.

The first task for the computing giant has already been determined - he will be tasked with developing new ways to treat old ailments. A supercomputer using machine learning techniques will analyze millions of medical records to reveal global patterns that elude human doctors. And then there will be projects of a similar scale in all applied spheres of life in advanced Japanese society.