Bad news: Allergy seasons are getting longer due to global warming

Researchers from the University of Utah (USA) have published a negative forecast for all allergy sufferers - the duration of the seasons for the spread of allergenic pollen will increase. Even now they continue longer than at the end of the last century, and their intensity is only growing. The main reason is called climate change and the rise in temperature on the planet.

The study is based on pollen observation data collected at 60 specialized stations in the United States and Canada over the past 30 years. It turned out that by 2018 the pollen season had begun 20 days earlier than in 1990. Moreover, it also lasted 10 days longer, and the concentration of pollen increased by 21%.

To study the phenomenon, two dozen climatic models were compiled, reflecting the ideas of scientists about the near future of our planet. Their processing showed that the duration of the pollen season will increase by at least another 50%, and the concentration of particles in the air will increase by 8%. Tests in greenhouses confirmed these calculations, and American biologists confidently named the rise in temperature as the main factor. Thus, global warming does not bode well for people, and especially for allergy sufferers.