Scientists develop AI spy to help vapers quit hover

British scientists from the University of East Anglia have developed technology to monitor the use of vapes and e-cigarettes. This is a cross between a spy device and a fitness bracelet, as it carefully monitors and analyzes each smoking session. This information will become the knowledge base for a new artificial intelligence, which must figure out how to wean people from smoking.

To understand what is the essence of a person's addiction to smoking, AI must study the process itself, for which it needs an extensive database of information about who, when and how exactly does it. The information will be provided by smokers themselves, through questionnaires, but since there is no complete trust in living and emotional people, statistics from an impartial electronic device are also needed. It is made in the form of a vape add-on and measures the key parameters of smoking - session duration, inhalation rate, fluid consumption, energy consumption.

The collected information is passed on to AI so that it can compare facts, deduce patterns and understand how psychological, social and environmental factors affect smoking. So far, nothing is known about the next stage of the project - it will probably be drawing up some recommendations to overcome the bad habit. Moreover, both for consumers and for the authorities who are engaged in the fight against this phenomenon.