Chinese bathyscaphe conducted an online broadcast from the bottom of the Mariana Trench

The Chinese underwater vehicle Fendouzhe reached the bottom of the deepest point in the World Ocean - the Mariana Trench (over 10, 000 m) with three explorers on board. Online broadcast about this was carried out by the main state-owned TV channels in China.

The Mariana Trench is a crescent-shaped crevice in the earth's crust over 2, 550 km long. The first short expedition there took place in 1960, after which there was a long break, interrupted by the famous American filmmaker James Cameron in 2012, who made a solo dive into the depression.

The Fendouzhe bathyscaphe is equipped with sonars and robotic arms for collecting biological samples. In addition, the underwater vehicle is packed to capacity with all kinds of onboard and scientific equipment, with the help of which it monitors the representatives of marine fauna and flora living at great depths.

Scientists state that despite the gigantic pressure - 8 t / sq. inch, which is 1000 times the pressure on the surface, the dark, cold waters of the Mariana Trench are filled with life. In the course of previous research, colonies of unicellular organisms that feed on organic waste were found here. Larger animals are very rare.

This month, China has partnered with an international seabed research organization to set up a training and research center that will train deep-sea technicians while conducting research into the extraction of valuable minerals.