In the ashes of Pompeii found two victims of the eruption of Vesuvius

Remains of two victims of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD found buried in a large villa on the outskirts of Pompeii. Researchers believe that these are the bodies of a young slave and his wealthy master, about 40 years old, judging by the fragments of clothing and appearance.

Destroyed during the fatal catastrophe, Pompeii was completely covered with ash. The 44-hectare site is all that remains of one of the most prosperous cities in the Roman Empire. Today, it is the second most visited tourist attraction in Italy after the Colosseum, with almost 4 million visitors last year.

A thick layer of ash buried dozens of buildings and objects of culture and everyday life in an almost pristine state, including the mummified bodies of the deceased. After the discovery of the remains, the bones were examined, and then they were filled with plaster according to the method of Giuseppe Fiorelli, thanks to which it becomes possible to see the small nuances of the bodies.

The dead were found during excavations in Civita Juliana, about 700 meters northwest of Pompeii, in a villa overlooking the Gulf of Naples. Earlier, a stable and the remains of three horses in harness were found here. The bodies of the slave and his master lay in an underground room under the villa, where they most likely descended in search of shelter.