Unique fossil captures the deadly fight between Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences has exhibited a one-of-a-kind exhibit called the Dueling Dinosaurs. This fossil literally reflects what filmmakers so often imagined - a deadly battle between the most famous dinosaurs of antiquity, Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops. Nature has made a unique gift to the scientific community, which has not yet been properly studied by anyone.

The unique fossil was found back in 2006 and ended up in private hands, later it was bought by the North Carolina Museum of Natural History. The purchase amount was $ 6 million, the acquisition was made for the new exhibition complex "SECU DinoLab", which will fully open only in 2021. "Dinosaurs-duelists" will become its first and main exhibit, with the help of which scientists want to launch a new wave in the popularization of paleontology and science in general.

At the moment, the fossil is a huge block of sandstone, most of the bones are still hidden inside the stone, and work on their extraction has not yet begun. It is planned to do this in real time, right in the museum, in full view of visitors. People will be able to see paleontologists at work, ask them questions, observe the real process of making discoveries. "Dinosaurs-duelists" is such an amazing natural artifact that it is guaranteed to attract the attention of both specialists and ordinary tourists.