Medical curiosity: in the USA, a man almost died from an acute allergy to cold

In the US state of Colorado, an ambulance barely managed to save a man from death, who fell victim to a strong - and, most strange, sudden - allergic reaction to the cold. This case stands out among others - the victim did not dive into icy water, did not bury himself in the snow, but simply came out of a hot shower. The cool air in the bathroom provoked an acute allergic reaction, which led to anaphylactic shock.

Later, at the clinic, the doctors confirmed the diagnosis - the man has a severe allergic reaction to the cold. Even with a slight cooling, but a large surface of the body, he instantly develops hives (red itchy rash). The immune system perceives cooling as an attack on the body and releases histamines, which provoke an inflammatory response. Blood pressure drops, the airways are blocked and there is an absolutely real risk of death.

Treatment with antihistamines and steroids helped the patient, but now he is in an extremely difficult situation. Previously, this man lived in Micronesia, in the hot tropics, where he did not face the cold at all. In Colorado, the climate is much more severe, for a third of the year there are freezing temperatures, a cold wind blows. The poor guy will have to cover his body all the time to reduce the cooling zone, even at home - and allergies can also develop from cold drinks or food. Doctors, for their part, recommended that he carry an adrenaline autoinjector with him to counteract anaphylactic shock. An extraordinary medical case was reported in The Journal of Emergency Medicine.