During the epidemic, city birds learned to sing in a new way

During the forced self-isolation to pass the time, some San Francisco residents turned into watchful observers and began to study the birds living in the neighborhood. As a result, it turned out that the local white-headed sparrows reacted in their own way to the silence that was unusual for them - they began to sing differently, like their fellows living in the countryside.

The fact is that earlier, due to city noise, sparrows had to spend more energy to sing louder. With the onset of silence, the birds “turned down the volume, ” as a result, their singing became more varied and interesting. This is a great illustration of how nature reacts to a suddenly changed world.

The pandemic has provided scientists with an unprecedented opportunity to study the adaptation of animals to new conditions. They encountered an unusual effect when, on the one hand, with a decrease in city noise, the birdsong became louder, however, in fact, it was quieter and noticeably softer, while it began to spread over much greater distances.