Major discovery: people develop antibodies to opioids over time

At the last meeting of the American Chemical Society, evidence was presented for the existence of "opioid antibodies", previously considered semi-mythical. Scientists knew that with long-term use of opioids, the body's immune system generates a certain specific reaction. But which one? Now it has been proven that we are talking about special antibodies that greatly complicate the treatment process.

The main problem was the too small size of the opioid molecules - during the observations, scientists did not see the response of the immune system to these crumbs. It was found that some molecules can move completely freely and are hit by antibodies only when they bind to large proteins. They had to develop a new method for detecting the immune response, and now it has already led scientists to antibodies.

Today it has been established that the longer a person takes opioids, the higher the dose, the greater the amount of antibodies in his blood. And they are not safe at all - in particular, it is antibodies that are responsible for many of the dire effects in opioid addicts that were previously difficult to explain. For example, hyperalgesia, hypersensitivity to pain, in which any medical care is rejected by the patient almost reflexively, since his pain threshold is sharply reduced.

Scientists are now concerned that the antibodies found are casting doubt on the hoped-for "anti-opioid vaccine" concept. Instead of developing a gradual immune response, the body overflowing with antibodies behaves in a very inconsistent manner. Vaccination becomes useless and even dangerous in some cases.