Scientists have learned to create the brightest fluorescent materials in the world

Scientists at Indiana University and Copenhagen University have solved the longstanding problem of creating ultra-bright fluorescent dyes. They managed to synthesize molecules, the glow of which does not depend on each other. As a result, the brightness of the radiation of new materials compared to traditional ones has increased many times. In the molecules of new dyes, in the presence of neighboring particles, there is no decrease in the intensity of the light flux.

The range of application of the invention is unusually wide. These are solar panels of a new type, new laser systems, as well as incredible possibilities for printing and even interior design. Extremely bright materials open up many new technological possibilities.

At the moment, work on the synthesis of the brightest substances has been completed. But it remains to resolve some issues of stability of the materials obtained. In any case, the new bright dyes are already superior to all existing analogues in terms of resistance and durability.