A sinister black river flows through Arizona

Eyewitnesses from Pima County, Arizona (USA) have recorded a stream of black mud flowing along a dry river bed. An ominous black substance has flooded the vicinity of Cañada del Oro Wash and threatens the entire area. All this is happening against the backdrop of a large-scale forest fire "Bighorn Fire", which cannot be extinguished since June 5, 2020.

When the soil dries up, it loses its ability to absorb moisture, but it gets worse if the soil is exposed to intense heat. Organic matter in the soil is mineralized, metals and toxins are concentrated, the structure and physical properties of the earth change, which begins to repel water. In such conditions, a little rain, only 7 mm of precipitation, is enough for the burnt mass to rise and float in a stormy stream in half an hour - which was captured on the video.

On the one hand, such a river of sludge does not have the destructive power of an ordinary mudflow of mud and stones, although it is capable of carrying with it significant volumes of garbage. On the other hand, it is even more dangerous for wildlife, as it pollutes water bodies and leads to a sharp decrease in oxygen in the water. All living things either suffocate or die due to the fact that sunlight does not penetrate the muddy liquid, making photosynthesis impossible.

People are also at risk, because sludge can seep into the groundwater and make it too viscous, which will lead to problems in the operation of filtration systems. The threat is by no means unfounded, as a historical example is the death of all fish in Lake Lachlan in Australia in 1939. Despite all efforts, its population has not been restored since then.