World's oldest industrial brewery found in Egypt

One of the latest discoveries of Israeli scientists proves that our distant ancestors began to brew beer from cereals 13, 000 years ago. There is no need to talk about vessels and various instruments for brewing 5000 years ago, these are already the times of a developed culture of brewing and drinking beer. With one caveat - the scale was symbolic, the drink was made in small batches for their own consumption.

In 1912, eight large grain kilns were found in Abydos, the largest cultural and religious center of ancient Egypt. They were considered a kind of monuments to the achievements of technology of that time, because tombs and tombs were located around, and not commercial or industrial buildings. However, discoveries already in the XXI century forced scientists to change their point of view - a large-scale work was carried out to find traces of the use of furnaces for brewing. And they were found.

The bottom line is impressive: the complex in Abydos could produce 22, 000 liters of beer from each filling of the ovens with grain. This is no longer a whim of some pharaoh or a merchant, but the real brewing on an industrial scale, probably for the first time in history. On the one hand, this is a real demonstration of the power of the state and its capabilities. On the other hand, grain beer in Ancient Egypt was an extremely important drink, so the growth of the population of Abydos required the creation of appropriate brewing facilities.