Butcher snakes live in Thailand, who know how to skillfully gut their victims

Most reptiles and snakes in particular prefer to swallow prey whole, even if it is very large. However, in 2020, researchers in Thailand managed to observe several cases of hunting of kukri snakes from the genus of oligodons, which literally gutted the bodies of victims. And they did it with live toads, eating their internal organs one by one.

The kukri snakes owe their name to the shape of their front teeth, which resemble curved blades. Moving its head in different directions, the reptile rips open the body of the toad with the help of these teeth, and then grinds its insides to make it easier to eat. This is a long process, as the snake very carefully pushes its head through the incision into the victim's body, pulling various organs out. At the beginning of the meal, the toad is still alive, but by the end only the eaten corpse remains.

One of the probable reasons for this unusual tactic is the toxicity of the black cicatricial toads Duttaphrynus melanostictus. When attacked, they secrete a poisonous liquid and a predator that swallows a toad greatly risks health. Kukri snakes are also vulnerable to this poison, but they have found a way to defeat and eat the toad without contacting the dangerous liquid on its skin. And thus they provided themselves with a fodder base, which competitors do not encroach on.

However, there is a simpler version - with a length of 5, 7 to 8, 5 cm, these toads are banally large for snakes, whose length does not exceed 115 cm.Therefore, instead of swallowing the victim whole, the reptile absorbs only tasty and healthy entrails. By the way, many predators do this, because not everyone is comfortable tearing apart thick skins and gnawing bones. Fortunately, for humans, these snakes, with their cruel habits, are not dangerous.