The strange story of the oldest cognac in the world

Three bottles of the world's oldest Gautier cognac from 1762 have long belonged to the Donsier family, where they have been kept since 1870. However, their 258-year history may come to an unexpected end on May 28, when the unique cognac is finally put up for auction.

It is worth noting that Gauthier's company, which turned 265 years old, still exists today. One of the three surviving bottles is in the company's museum, and the second was purchased at Bonhams in New York on April 30, 2014 for $ 59, 500 by the Polish company Wealth Solutions, which specializes in rare spirits and collectibles. Later, information about the bottle of "the world's oldest cognac" was entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

And then the completely unexpected happened: the bottle was opened in the presence of a respectable public, after which its contents were poured into smaller bottles and distributed to partners - the manufacturer of luxury watches of the Swiss company Armin Strom, the Italian company Montegrappa, famous for its writing utensils, and the Polish Mint, which found very unusual use of an old drink.

So Armin Strom released a batch of 40 elite watches, in the mechanisms of which capsules with a drop of cognac were built. The price of one copy is $ 27, 300.

In turn, Montegrappa presented a series of 100 silver and 10 gold fountain pens, in the case of which a drop of cognac was also placed. The gold pen was available for $ 12, 000 and the silver pen for $ 4375.

The Polish Mint together with Lux Coin minted 300 gold coins with a drop of Louis XV cognac. All coins are legal tender. In retail, they can be purchased for $ 8, 135 per coin.