Synthetic Melanin Creates Safe Hair Color

Two years ago, it became known about the creation of a softer and more gentle hair dye with the addition of graphene. However, more recently, cosmetologists have released a new paint with a slightly less exotic active ingredient - synthetic melanin.

Most modern hair dyes use highly aggressive ingredients, including hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and various dyes. Penetrating into the cuticle of each hair, they provide its coloring. However, frequent hair coloring leads to hair damage and allergic reactions in both clients and stylists.

Melanin, a natural pigment that gives our hair color, will help solve this problem. As a person ages, it disappears, which is why the hair becomes dull. In the recent past, researchers have tried to use synthetic melanin as an alternative to traditional dyes. Unfortunately, to enhance the effect, heavy metals and oxidants had to be added to it in dangerous concentrations.

A team of researchers at Northwestern Illinois State University has developed a replacement for these metals and oxidants in the form of a small amount of ammonium hydroxide, which requires only a little heat. As a result, natural dark shades are formed by increasing its concentration, and reds and golds - due to a slight addition of hydrogen peroxide.

The overall coloring process is much milder compared to conventional dyes, because synthetic melanin coats each hair from the outside, leaving the cuticle intact. According to the developers, this process is much less harmful to the hair. In the course of laboratory tests, the color intensity was maintained for at least 18 days.