Harsh physics: what a trip to another planet will be like

A popular science YouTube channel called "The Action Lab" published an overview video with examples of how the gravity of different planets will affect the Earth's mechanisms. For visualization, they took a model of a conventional pickup truck with an internal combustion engine, which is designed for conditions of movement on the surface of the Earth, with an acceleration of gravity of 9.8 g. And we built several simulations in the BeamNG.drive program.

The main problem with cruising on a planet the size of Jupiter will be the increased gravity, which will press on the car. He will still retain the ability to move, but all maneuvers will be many times slower. And, on the contrary, when moving on the moon, each turn will become a trap, since low gravity will create the risk of large drifts, and in general, the time for performing maneuvers will increase.

The most interesting is the hypothetical trip to the Sun. There, when the corresponding parameters of gravity are activated in the simulator, the car simply turns into a spot of metal pressed into the surface. Attempts to give gas lead to an increase in stresses in the structure of the machine and it literally falls apart. Yet the Sun is a huge cosmic body, the gravity of which is much greater than that of the earth.