In a pandemic, Americans are actively pumping muscles, saving weapons and drinking

In March 2020, millions of people around the world were faced with an urgent question: what to do in the conditions of forced isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic? The statistics for US-based product and service search website Yelp paint a rather bleak and specific picture. Driven by uncertainty about the future, the people of the United States rushed out of town, buying weapons and ammunition.

With most restaurants and nightclubs closed, the drop in activity in these segments by 54% and 69% is not surprising. It is logical to see growth in home delivery, 59%, as well as an increase in demand for bottled water by 166% and groceries - by 160%. But most Americans suddenly lost confidence in the shops and went to buy goods directly from farmers, causing a 405% increase in sales of produce from the garden at once.

For fresh vegetables and meat, the Americans went fully armed, purchasing a mountain of ammunition - sales growth in this segment exceeded 360%. And if in parks and stadiums that are still open, they began to run and walk 53% more often, then 116% more Americans rushed to wildlife, hiking in mountains and national parks than last month. To the fresh air, away from sick cities, with weapons in hand and a decent supply of booze - the demand for alcohol has risen by 63%.

Those who are forced to stay at home have taken care of their physical condition. The growing interest in home fitness products is catching up with the demand for weapons - 344%. If times are going to be tough, it’s better to be strong and healthy. The most active, according to the New York Times, are residents of New York, in which the situation with the epidemic is currently close to disaster. Difficult times give rise to specific reactions in society.