Amazon is secretly developing a cure for the common cold

According to an investigation by CNBC, a subdivision "Grand Challenge" is secretly operating in the bowels of Amazon and its current target is "Project Gesundheit", which means "Project Health" in German. According to the available data, we are talking about a universal remedy for the most common disease on Earth - the common cold.

Amazon declined to discuss issues related to the Grand Challenge, but did not deny the existence of such a unit. Probably, the truth is somewhere nearby, and the subsidiaries of the company are really engaged in breakthrough medical projects.

It is worth noting that for all 70 years of searching for a cure for the common cold, official medicine not only has not achieved anything, but has practically become convinced that it is impossible to create such a remedy. Too bizarre bouquet of rhinoviruses and coronaviruses gives rise to this disease - in addition, they constantly mutate. There is no particular difficulty in resisting a specific strain, but when there are an innumerable number of them, some fundamentally new methods of treatment are needed.

It should be noted that Amazon's initiative is not the first; even earlier, the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub was involved in a cold remedy. It is also a closed medical organization funded directly by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. And then there is a team of scientists from Stanford, which, according to official information, came closest to solving the problem, proposing last year ways to completely block all rhinoviruses, and not their individual strains. So who knows, maybe a cold cure is really around the corner?