The largest shell in the world did not save prehistoric turtles from the real hunters of the time

In Colombia and Venezuela, paleontologists have recently discovered the fossilized remains of the prehistoric turtle, Stupendemys geographicus, which is considered the largest in history. The carapace of the reptile alone weighed more than 1200 kg, and the length of an adult exceeded 3 meters. However, even with such dimensions in the world of that era, this monster was nothing more than an easy lunch for real monsters, like a purusaurus (an ancient giant ancestor of crocodiles - ed. By Techcult).

The found shell is heavy and huge, in addition, it has strange horn protrusions, which scientists attributed to the elements of passive protection. The horns are much larger in males than in females, which, very likely, indicates the violent disposition of huge titan turtles, which often entered into fights with each other. At the same time, their monstrously large and durable carapaces bear the marks of punctures, chipped pieces and deep scratches that have left the teeth of much larger predators.

The heyday of Stupendemys geographicus is estimated to be 5-10 million years ago, making them freshwater swamp neighbors with the prehistoric crocodile Purussaurus. With a body length of more than 10 m and a weight of 5 tons, as well as a powerful mouth length of 1.5 m, he could easily kill giant turtles. The calculated force of its bite is several times higher than the strength of an amphibian's shell, so it is not surprising that almost all the remains found belong to individuals who died a violent death.