Alarming news: coronavirus can be transmitted asymptomatically

Chinese researchers recorded in Wuhan a dangerous case of asymptomatic transmission of the coronavirus COVID-19 from a 20-year-old girl to five members of her family: being a carrier of the infection, she did not show any signs of a dangerous disease.

However, this is not the only such case. A report from the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed the records of all reported cases of the virus in China from December 8 to February 11 - 1.2% of them were "asymptomatic" patients.

A much larger number of such carriers were among the sick passengers of the infamous Diamond Princess liner - 322 out of 621 infected with COVID-19.

In the case of a 20-year-old woman from Wuhan, it turned out that the incubation period of the virus after infection lasted 19 days, although earlier, according to the observations of Chinese doctors, it ranged from 1 to 14 days. Recent studies have shown that it can last up to 24 days. However, in the United States and many countries, the quarantine period for arrivals from China is only 14 days.

As is already known, in most cases, the disease of those infected with COVID-19 is easy, but do not forget that the virus has already killed more than 2, 200 people and infected over 76, 000. Most of the cases are residents of mainland China, from where the virus has spread to 29 countries of the world.