Remains of an ancient titan ostrich found in Crimea

While studying the Tavrida cave, which was discovered while laying the route of the same name in the Crimea, Russian scientists found the remains of an ancient ostrich Pachystruthio dmanisensis. This find finally confirmed that these gigantic birds lived on the territory of Europe in the Pleistocene epoch, 1, 7 million years ago. That is, when this continent began to be populated by the ancestors of people.

The ostrich from Taurida is a real monster; after measuring its femur, scientists calculated that the bird weighed about 450 kg. Its height could reach 3.5 m, which corresponds to the dimensions of a modern polar bear, which is considered the largest land northern predator. This may mean that the titan ostrich did not have serious enemies, because even saber-toothed tigers look like kittens against the background of this monstrous bird.

On the other hand, with such a weight, the ostrich was not only flightless, but also slow. In this he radically differed from his modern descendants, which are three times less and therefore can rely on the speed of movement. But what was the secret of the survival of the ancient Pachystruthio, a powerful kick or a strong hide is a matter of debate. And it is all the more interesting because it is the only species of ancient ostriches that could get to Europe.

Similar finds were made in Georgia, Turkey, Hungary, but those bones were inferior in size to the Crimean ones. It is interesting that the remains of many other species of animals of the Pleistocene epoch were also found in Taurida, which suggests that this cave was not the place of residence of an extremely successful tribe of hunters?