Crackling neck, young American ends up in hospital with severe stroke

In early spring, 28-year-old American Josh Hader, out of habit, twisted his neck with a crunch to stretch his muscles. A few minutes later, he discovered that the left side of his body had ceased to obey - when the man tried to reach the phone, he realized with horror that he could only move diagonally. He was taken to the hospital almost completely paralyzed.

It was a stroke caused by a ruptured vertebral artery that supplies oxygen to the brain. Hader first pinched the vessel, and then, without knowing it, tore it open with a sharp forceful movement. The brain stopped receiving enough oxygen, which led to the loss of some functions. Hader was very lucky that the doctors at the hospital were ready for such a surprise - he was rescued literally 10-12 minutes before the fatal outcome.

Today, several months later, Josh Hader can move independently, he has not lost his intellectual abilities, he only complains about his "naughty" left hand. And, of course, he strictly vowed to knead his neck. According to neurosurgeon Kazuma Nakagawa, it's a miracle that the young man survived. Rupture of the vertebral artery is a disease of the young and active, but so far doctors have too little information to learn how to prevent it.

Nakagawa notes only a few clear cases in his practice. We can say that 99% of people are out of the risk zone, but what exactly makes the 1% of the remaining vulnerable to damage to the vertebral artery, scientists cannot yet understand. One thing they know for sure, if you have such a predisposition, then even the simplest load on the neck can become fatal.

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