Russian spy beluga whale refuses to leave Norwegian waters, all she wants is to play with people

“A satisfied beluga whale is what I first saw in the cabin window when I woke up in the morning, ” Jorgen Ree Vig told the media. An employee of the Norwegian Fisheries Directorate was on duty patrol near Hammerfest and had already managed to get acquainted with a whale, which was dubbed a "Russian spy."

What else can you call an animal that cruises along one coast for several days in a row, meeting each boat with joy and curiosity? In a week, the whale swam less than 46 km, which is abnormally small for such an animal, and the beluga whale's interest in people is difficult to explain even by the possible fact of training. The animal has not yet received a nickname and has now become a big question for the local authorities - what to do with it?

Everyone who has come into contact with the "Russian spy" notes his carelessness and friendliness - the animal seems to adore sticking its nose out of the water so that people scratch it. Belukha does not beg for food, but it does not refuse treats either. Now, when the harness with the attachment for the unknown equipment has been removed, the whale is free. But for some reason, he is in no hurry to leave Norwegian waters, and this puzzles the military and politicians.

The press is also glad to recall this occasion horror stories and resonant news feeds of recent years. About mysterious Russian submarines that the Swedish fleet never found, about unidentified planes over the Baltic, about strange people on deserted islands. Are these insidious Russians really conducting special operations off the coast of the Scandinavian countries, and an inquisitive beluga whale - their hardened agent? The allocation of funds for catching and transporting beluga whales to Iceland, to the reserve, 1250 nautical miles away, is now being seriously discussed.