If eaten with your hands, the food tastes better and you can eat much more.

New research by marketer Adriana Madjarova from the Stevens Institute of Technology (USA) explains one of the factors of the growing trend towards obesity in humanity. It turns out that there is a fundamental difference between whether we eat food with cutlery or simply eat it with our hands. In the second case, the food seems noticeably tastier, more attractive, and you can eat much more unnoticed.

Madzharova does not give an answer as to why this is happening, this is something from the field of sensorics and psychology, but her research has revealed important factors. The dominant principle is the level of self-control - a self-confident person easily avoids food temptations and, conversely, if he decides to eat a plate of salad, he will do it regardless of the presence of a fork or the taste of the ingredients.

To test her calculations, Madzharova set up an experiment where one group of eaters was given a lecture on the intricacies of choosing a healthy diet. And to the other, they simply apologized, they say, they forgot the cutlery, they would have to eat with their hands, but as much as you want. Donuts and pies with various fillings were provided as food. People from the first group ate little, but very actively discussed the filling and what goes with what. People from the second group were only interested in how not to get dirty while absorbing an unexpected delicacy.

In practice, this can be used to subtly control what and how people eat. For example, if you establish a rule in a school cafeteria to eat pizza only with a knife and a fork, many children will refuse - the process becomes boring, unnatural. To grab a piece of something on the run is more interesting and tastier than cutting off a portion from a common dish, putting it on a plate and eating decorously, following the rules of table etiquette.