ABC News drone captures surreal, deserted streets of Wuhan

Since January 23, in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic, the Chinese authorities have introduced strict quarantines. From that day on, the huge 12 million metropolis turned into a ghost town with deserted streets, inoperative transport, closed institutions and shops.

According to experts, this is the largest quarantine in the history of mankind. Scientists believe that the Wuhan seafood market most likely became the "homeland" of the 2019-nCov coronavirus that struck the planet.

ABC News has released a drone-filmed video of city streets after the quarantine was announced. Its zone also included 15 neighboring cities with a population of about 45 million people.

According to reports from Wuhan, residents of the city are now at home, occasionally going out to grocery stores. A mandatory attribute of every inhabitant is a protective mask. In some shops, employees were fully dressed in protective suits.

According to Reuters, the Chinese leadership has asked farmers to increase the production of vegetables for the city. Several previously closed roads were unblocked for their uninterrupted delivery.

The government has also threatened with harsh sanctions on store owners who raise prices for groceries and face masks.

To date, according to WHO, 20, 600 coronavirus patients have been recorded worldwide, of which about 2, 800 are in serious condition, 425 have died and 680 have recovered.