Kits for creating mutant frogs at home are on sale

Former NASA biochemist Josiah Zayner has organized the sale of ready-made kits through his online store The Odin for those who wish to try on the role of evolution. He has already gained attention by selling CRISPR-based tools for editing the genome of living things - not in the laboratory, but simply at home. The start turned out to be interesting, but too difficult for the general public, so Zayner switched to products for the implementation of specific mutations.

In fact, the idea is simple - if we have a mutagen, experimental creatures and conditions for conducting an experiment, we can create directed mutations almost at home. The set from Zayner includes cages with live tree frogs, food and simple care products, as well as syringes and a bottle with the finished drug. It needs to be dosed in to young frogs, and then watch with your own eyes the development of an extensive mutation in them.

In the first series of kits, a mutagen stimulating the production of IGF-1 protein by the frog's liver was used. It provokes increased muscle and cartilage growth, so mutated frogs will grow larger and heavier than their relatives. On average, 23%, which can be easily seen and measured - here's a good example of how science works. And a demonstration of how you can change the genome of living things to get monsters, for only $ 499 per set.

According to Zayner, his mutagen kits are a good way to dispel prejudice and introduce people to science. According to American law, cold-blooded reptiles are not protected from participating in such experiments, and the harm from mutations has not yet been proven by anyone. No fundamental benefits or problems from fat frogs are also expected, therefore there is no reason to ban the sale of such sets.