The underwater expeditions of the scientific probe Nautilus can now be watched online

Today, when multicopters and drones are sold in mainstream supermarkets, anyone can get a pioneering experience. To climb, albeit not personally, to a place where people could not get for centuries. It is exciting, but you should remember that it is not easy to get to the truly hidden corners of the Earth with professional equipment.

This is probably why the international non-profit organization Ocean Exploration Trust, decided to make a kind of gift to all really enthusiastic explorers of our planet. Currently, the Nautilus deep-sea probe developed by her is exploring the vicinity of Loiha, a powerful underwater volcano in Hawaii. This is an active volcano and there are risks and administrative restrictions involved in working there, so it is great that Nautilus was given the command to broadcast its video signal online.

One of the founders of the Ocean Exploration Trust is Robert Ballard, who was among the first to find the remains of the Titanic on the seabed. He believes that many people will be interested in almost live look at what the lenses of the underwater probe see and hear the sounds of the abyss recorded by it. The broadcast is in streaming mode, with breaks only for technical breaks. The next site to explore is the Papahanaumokuakea National Marine Monument.