Stephen Hawking's voice was sent to a black hole

The European Space Agency has found a beautiful and unusual way to honor the memory of the famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. One of his favorite objects of research was black holes, and he became famous after in 1974, he discovered "Hawking radiation" and proved that they do not look like faceless voids in space. Now virtual Hawking sang a song to the black hole.

Greek composer Vangelis wrote a 6-minute melody on which Hawking's computer-synthesized voice overlaid lyrics. Something in between a song and a message to distant space, which speaks of hope for new discoveries and peace in the Universe. This recording was reproduced by aiming the speakers at the black hole 1A 0620-00, which is located 3500 light-years from the Sun. It differs from all others in that it is in the same system as an orange dwarf star.

Hawking's daughter called it a beautiful and highly symbolic gesture. During his lifetime, Stephen Hawking really wanted to be in space, but he could not do it for medical reasons. Now his voice, his thoughts will rush to the black hole - both literally and figuratively. And materially, he remains on Earth - the scientist's ashes are buried in Westminster Abbey, between the graves of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin. Hawking's tombstone is engraved with an equation describing the entropy of a black hole.