Vitamin and mineral supplements are found to be useless for ordinary people

An international team of scientists completed a meta-analysis of the largest study in recent years and concluded that most of the popular mineral and vitamin supplements in the world do not provide any health benefits. Between 2012 and 2017, 179 full-scale clinical trials were conducted to test the relationship between supplementation and cardiovascular risk. And also all common deaths from "wear and tear" of the body.

The main “defendants” were vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium and multivitamins, which are the most commonly found in commercial preparations. According to one of the authors of the project, Dr. David Jenkins, with a large sample of different patients, they were not able to find a positive effect of taking these substances on human health. The data does not even go beyond statistical margin of error - you will not help stroke prevention in any way if you take supplements on a regular basis.

There is no benefit, but also no harm from taking vitamin and mineral supplements. Doctors were surprised by this fact, because the real deficiency of these substances is harmful to health, and this is also a proven fact. It turned out that the truth lies not in medicine, but in economics - the cost of introducing supplements into the diet ultimately does not pay off. It is more profitable to spend money simply on food, traditionally considered healthy, in order to both get full and get the required vitamins and minerals.

An exception, and this was emphasized by many authors of the study, are clinical cases when additional doses of vitamins are prescribed by a doctor not to prevent sores, but to compensate for their lack. This applies to pregnancy, developmental abnormalities, hormonal disorders, mutations, etc. Vitamin supplements are a blessing as a medicine, but they are also a waste of money for the prevention of sores in a generally healthy person.