US Embassy staff in China subject to unexplained "sonic attacks"

According to CNN, a spokesman for the US Embassy in China reported that he suddenly experienced "weak, vague and abnormal sound effects." US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explained in turn that such symptoms of "sound attacks" are very similar to those experienced by American diplomats in Cuba in 2016-2017. Researchers from the United States still have not identified the cause of the strange noises that made the embassy employees nauseous and dizzy.

However, in China, events are developing according to a slightly different scenario. According to CNN, just one of the American embassy staff experienced similar symptoms in Guangzhou at the end of 2017, which lasted until April 2018. Returning to his homeland, he was examined.

In total, one diplomat in China and 31 in Cuba, of whom eight are Canadian citizens, were attacked, the non-profit organization ProPublica, which specializes in investigative journalism, reported. As a result of the investigation, the American special services did not confirm the involvement of their Cuban counterparts in organizing these "attacks". So what's the deal?

The first version is unknown sound devices. But a counter question immediately arises: Why (first of all, in connection with the Cuban episode) only American diplomats were subjected to the "attack", while their family members and closest neighbors did not feel anything?

The second version is insecticides. A possible cause could be permethrin, a popular nausea-causing mosquito killer in Cuba. However, according to Cuban sources, this insecticide is not used in such a high concentration.

The third version is stress-related anxiety. Stress can manifest as a physical symptom that, under certain conditions, spreads to others like an infection.

As it turned out, all of the above problems for diplomats can arise everywhere. As a result of the "Cuban" incident, all injured American diplomats were replaced. Perhaps the investigation into the case of their colleague in China will somehow clarify this situation.