Exactly how many roads lead to Rome

The famous proverb "All roads lead to Rome" has its own history. Roman emperor Augustus in 20 BC e. by his decree, he established the so-called golden milestone - Millarium Aureum, a column with the names of the capitals of the provinces of the Roman Empire and the distances to them inscribed on it. It was from her that all the roads of Ancient Rome began. However, this story has its continuation.

Designers Benedict Gross and Philip Schmitt have used Google Maps to create an interactive map that shows all the roads starting in Rome. The result is an image of an extensive road network, somewhat reminiscent of a branched tree and consisting of almost 500 thousand routes.

It was not an easy job. Initially, they recorded 486, 713 starting points on an area of ​​26.5 million km 2 - practically throughout Europe. They then created an algorithm that calculated alternative routes for each trip. The more frequently a road segment was used, the thicker it became on the map.

But Gross and Schmitt didn't stop there. In the process of research, they found that cities with the name "Rome" are found in many countries around the world. There are 9 of them in the USA alone. They decided to create a map of routes connecting every American Rome with other cities of the continent. It took the algorithm only 2 hours to plot 312, 719 such routes.