Scientists have discovered the starting point of Alzheimer's disease

American scientists have found what they called the "Big Bang" in the development of Alzheimer's disease. They managed to establish the first step in the neurodegenerative process, from which the disease begins. This is a breakthrough that must necessarily lead to the creation of new means of combating the disease.

Scientists have focused on the tau protein, which tends to accumulate in one place, forming so-called neurofibrillary confusion. As they grow, they can kill neurons, triggering a neurodegenerative process. But what makes tau proteins connect with each other? Previously, scientists were looking for some external factor, a stimulus to trigger a reaction, but now they have discovered a form of protein that is inherently unbalanced and tends to contact with other proteins. Apparently, she is the root of all evil.

Now that the enemy has been identified, the work will go in two directions. First, the creation of a new method of early diagnosis, in which the blood and cerebrospinal fluid of patients will be checked for the presence of this dangerous form of tau protein. Secondly, it is necessary to develop drugs that block the activity of the protein, convert it into the already known neutral form, which is not inclined to combine with other proteins and create congestion.

According to scientists, a real hunt for tau squirrels will now unfold, when specialists race and with passion will look for weapons against him. An incredible prize is at stake - the ability not even to heal, but to stop the development of Alzheimer's disease in the very bud, before symptoms appear. And save millions of people from torment in the future.