The U.S. Army has developed the perfect coffee consumption algorithm

A recent study found that 85% of American adults consume some form of caffeine, the psychostimulant found in coffee, on a daily basis. And then the question arises: How often and how exactly should you drink coffee to get the maximum effect?

In a new study by the US Army Science Center, it was possible to create an algorithm for optimal consumption of caffeine to increase the vigilance of military personnel during forced sleep deprivation. The system generates personalized suggestions - an algorithm for the dosage of caffeine based on the physical parameters of a particular person at different times of the day.

Although this technology was developed for the army, it may well find its application in civilian life. A smartphone app is already being developed to provide users with personalized caffeine dosing strategies. It "studies" their habits, logs data during fitness sessions to form an optimal coffee consumption schedule during high physical exertion.

"Our algorithm is the first quantitative tool to provide an optimal and safe individual dosage of caffeine, " says research project leader Jacques Reifman. "It will maximize focus and attention during involuntary sleep deprivation."