In the USA, they learned to fight rats with dry ice

Dominating the planet is not so easy, and humanity has to admit it when it comes to fighting rats. Everyone who was naive to challenge them sooner or later admitted that these particular rodents have a supernatural instinct for traps and downright devilish intuition. So the idea of ​​fighting them with dry ice looks incredibly strange, but what if it works?

The principle of operation of the new weapon is extremely simple, you just need to spread pieces of dry ice over rat holes. Outside the container, the substance actively evaporates, releasing carbon dioxide, from which the rats suffocate. Often right in a dream, in whole flocks, although this depends on the location of the ice.

In a showcase mini-genocide in 2017, staged by representatives of the New York company Orkin, in a single park, dry ice killed more than 12, 000 rats in one use. But when the mayor of New York himself wished to look at the procedure, the rats just scattered away.

In fact, you need to methodically identify and lay rat holes with dry ice, and then whatever you are lucky - if the rat goes to stay in a neighboring area, all the gas will have time to evaporate without harm. But if everything is difficult with the rats themselves, then the authors of the method can chalk up another victory. Officials recently made an exception and recognized dry ice as a rodenticide, that is, a certified rat poison, but only in New York itself. The age-old struggle continues!