The Netherlands will say goodbye to coal and gasoline by 2030

The Dutch government announced plans to squeeze out of the energy sector all objects that "smoke the sky". We are talking, first of all, about coal-fired power plants and transport with internal combustion engines - both of them should disappear from the country by 2030.

Three power plants launched in 2015 are cited as an example of why there is a need for such tough and quick measures. The most advanced equipment for working with coal was installed there, but already in 2016, the profitability of the facilities began to steadily decline. This is the main problem: the European energy sector is constantly in a fever, fuel and electricity prices are jumping, power is in the hands of speculators.

The Netherlands wants to end this chaos and "send a clear signal" that investment in coal-fired power plants in Europe is no longer profitable. Tax interventions, direct bans and pressure on neighboring countries have been chosen as the implementation mechanisms so that local businesses do not take advantage of the changes and do not slow down the global process.

Additional voiced goal: to reduce air emissions by at least half by the same date. In the Netherlands, positive developments are already being noted - in particular, the absence of an increase in emissions in the study area over the past year. But this is not enough - with new, so far only developed models of the country's energy supply, not a haze will rise into the sky.