Pizza, Ginger Roast and Galley Washing: All About Submarine Eating

In the United States, everything related to the submarine fleet is called "quiet service". Due to the desire not only to minimize noise under water, but also to prevent data leaks about the peculiarities of the work and life of divers. And in order not to create a temptation for sailors to distribute stories, official books about their lives are periodically published.

One of the latest books that has caught the attention of the press is devoted to the nutritional habits of submarines. Service on submarines is difficult and dangerous by definition, and therefore submariners are fed almost the best in the fleet, even if the trip lasts several months without raising to the surface. Fast diesel submarines are loaded with food in the old fashioned way, by boxes and by hand, while nuclear missile carriers have a special lift for aluminum pallets with a volume of 6 cubic meters.

American sailors eat about the same as their land-based counterparts: soups, salads, corned beef, sauces and various egg dishes. But there are also exotic things, like ginger roast, and on weekends they bake pizza on submarines. Dessert is usually rice pudding, baked apples, and cherry pie.

An interesting detail - in the profession of a coca-submariner, just cooking food is of minimal importance. The most important task is to maintain the crew's meal schedule, which requires knowledge in warehouse accounting, the specifics of food storage, accounting, sanitation, etc. And in between meals, the galley rooms become training rooms for sailors - in the cramped submarine, all square meters. are used as efficiently as possible.