Russian physicists have increased the productivity of the hadron collider

Much has been written and said about the capabilities of the giant hadron collider located at CERN, Switzerland. However, soon the potential of its capabilities will increase, thanks to the unique developments of Russian physicists and their colleagues from Europe.

LINAC-4 is the name of the new linear proton accelerator, which will be launched in a few days. A domestic contribution to its creation is the housing of resonators and coupling cells made by electrochemical deposition of copper on stainless steel with a layer of 35 to 55 microns and flight tubes created by vacuum brazing and electron beam welding.

The modernization project of the Large Hadron Collider is designed for 10 years. Launching LINAC-4 is just the first step. After the completion of the modernization, the capabilities of the accelerator, which is unique in its power, will increase tenfold, which will make it possible to observe previously unknown particles.