NASA wants to recreate the atmosphere of Mars using a magnetic field

At the NASA headquarters in Washington DC, a practical seminar is being held with an agenda: "What will planetary science be like in 2050". The purpose of the seminar is to discuss the most ambitious space projects that may be implemented by 2050.

One of the most fantastic ideas belongs to the head of NASA's planetary science department, Jim Green. In his talk "The Future of the Environment of Mars for Science and Discovery, " he examines the creation of a "magnetic shield" in the near-Martian orbit between Mars and the Sun, which will protect the Red Planet from harmful solar radiation.

The shield will consist of a large dipole formed by two giant oppositely charged electromagnets. With such protection, Mars will slowly begin to rebuild the atmosphere. According to scientists, it was 85% destroyed by a stream of solar particles about 3.5 billion years ago.

Based on simulation models, Green claims that the shield will stabilize Mars' atmospheric pressure to half the Earth's level in a matter of years. The weakening of the influence of the solar wind will lead to the fact that the CO 2 frozen at the poles will begin to turn into gas.

The emerging greenhouse effect will fill the atmosphere with warmth, as a result of which the ice will begin to melt and the formation of natural reservoirs. According to Jim Green, this will restore 1/7 of the ancient ocean.