Scientists claim the existence of the eighth continent

From geography, we know about the existence of seven continents on Earth. However, as it turned out, this information needs to be clarified. Scientists recently discovered that New Zealand and New Caledonia are only a tiny part of the eighth continent - Zealand, 94% of which is hidden under the ocean. Its total area is about 5 million km 2.

An article by a group of New Zealand and Australian scientists was published in the journal of the American Geographical Society, where they summed up the results of 20 years of research. In their opinion, Zealand is part of the giant ancient supercontinent of Gondwana, which split apart in the Mesozoic era. As a result, in addition to Zealand, South America, Australia and Antarctica were formed.

The authors of the article have no doubt that, taking into account the data obtained, the old geography textbooks no longer correspond to reality, and in the new ones the list of continents should be supplemented by one more - Zealand.