Mathematicians from Novosibirsk have learned to quickly calculate the source of the tsunami

According to statistics, the vast majority of tsunamis are the result of underwater earthquakes. The most devastating of these in recent years occurred in December 2004 in the Indian Ocean and in March 2011 near Japan. One of the main problems facing scientists is the exact determination of the epicenter, the strength of the earthquake and the direction of the tsunami propagation.

Alas, big problems still arise with the accuracy of forecasting, which leads to colossal costs associated with the evacuation of large masses of the population and objects of strategic importance.

The method of mathematical modeling, proposed by a group of mathematicians from Novosibirsk, makes it possible to extremely quickly and accurately determine the source of the tsunami. This allows in the future to correctly simulate the development of an emergency.

The main object of research is the amplitude of the leading front of the wave based on satellite images and information from surface stations. After processing the obtained data with filters from noise, a numerical algorithm is created to determine the source of the tsunami.

According to one of the research participants Olga Krivorotko, having such a technique, the authorities, without going into mathematical details, will be able to track the development of the tsunami and forestall its destructive consequences.