Scientist predicted political instability using mathematics

According to Peter Turchin, professor of ecology and mathematics at the University of Connecticut, political and social upheavals can be predicted using mathematical methods. He developed and introduced a new subject of research - cliodynamics.

As you know, in ancient Greek mythology, Cleo is the muse of history. In cliodynamics, mathematics is involved, with the help of which Peter Turchin studied the history of mankind for 3000 years - from 1500 BC. e. to 1500 AD e. And three years ago he started predicting the future.

Petr Turchin

According to his model, the peak of social instability and political turmoil will be in the 2020s. The results of the US elections confirm this. Although it is impossible to say more precisely when this time will come.

In particular, social tensions will stimulate the process of “elite overproduction”, when the number of rich people is growing, and the gap between them and those who are poorer is widening.

According to mathematical forecasts, there will be stagnation, a decrease in living standards and a worsening of the financial situation (for example, the United States) as a result of a decrease in government revenues and an increase in spending. However, knowing about these trends, they can be avoided with the appropriate efforts.